2019 Live Streaming

The Willowdale Steeplechase – New Opportunity for our supporters!

Dear Friends of The Willowdale Steeplechase,

We are grateful for your continued support of our race meet. Through sponsorship, advertising, attendance or all of these, you’ve helped us have spectacular race days and raise funds for our beneficiaries.

This year, TPH productions will live stream the races and provide the highest quality production for television and other OTT outlets. Their reach via the live stream link is international.

The link will be up and accessible indefinitely after race day, allowing significant future visibility. You can expand your brand awareness long term! Even if you don’t have a business to promote, you can make a larger than ever audience aware of your commitment to The Willowdale Steeplechase and our causes.

For $1,000 you can run a thirty second commercial or feature your logo or name and message four times on the live stream during the course of the day.

TPH will publicize the live stream link via email and social media with a reach of 78,000+ on Instagram and 32,000+ on Facebook, averaging over a million impressions a week on each platform.  The TPH email list is 33,000.

The Willowdale Steeplechase will publicize both the live stream link and our sponsors and advertisers through all our platforms.

Please contact Lisa Hatcher at lhatcher@willowdale.org for more information on how you can help The Willowdale Steeplechase and be part of this exciting opportunity.